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Events in and around the Bavarian Forest National Park

10:00 bis 13:30
Contemplative hike "church in the country"
10:00 bis 16:00
Glass bubbles for guests: the glass furnace is one of the guests who ever want to blow their own glass ball, Whether as a gift or as a holiday memory. Between 10:00 and 16:00 clock is possible in the Rotwaldglashütte
Material costs € 4.50.
16:00 bis 17:00
Zwiesel Town Hall
Leadership in the "underground corridors of Zwiesel. Meet: at the entrance to the woods behind the museum. Mind. 5 people, max. .. 20 people Registration at the Tourist Info in the City Hall Phone 09922/8405-23
09:30 bis 12:30
Hafner city at the well. "Herbs for body and mind to recognize and seek" in a small circular walk around Zwiesel. Meeting: Hafner city at the well. From there the tour goes with our hiking guide in the direction Lichtenthal, Flanitz, glass and mountain hermitage. Duration 3 hours.
10:00 bis 12:30
Lindberg mill
Children's Program - "A small adventure on the river" - from the meeting place, we go on Kolbersbach along river, build dams, locate and identify aquatic animals can swim boat and much more. Please bring rain and possibly a snack, and wear long pants! Rubber boots can be rented own, if available but bring your! Meeting point: Bridge over the mill in Lindberg Kolbersbach registration at Tel 0700/00776655
14:00 - Open Ended
Steam brewery pepper - Schalander

Brewery tour in the Historical Erlebnisbraustätte the steam brewery pepper, Regener Str 9th Meet on a guided tour of the brewery and tasting room in the old brewery, the "Schalander. Tour with a drink € 3.50, with a drink and snack € 8.50. Registration tel 09922/846615 (Mon - Fri 13:00 to 4:00 p.m. except Wednesday)

09:00 clock
The end of the event is open
Old school girls school 21 years Glass International Auction: The auction house Fischer, Heilbronn also organized this year as its Int. Glass auction in Zwiesel. The auction is in the "Old Girls School, Church Square 3, the preview of the exhibits is the week from 29 June, from 10.00 clock, also in the former girls' school.
20:15 bis 20:45
Mount Calvary Church Night Music in the Mountain Church, Bergstrasse (überhalb the cath. Stadtpfarrkirche)
14:30 bis 15:30
Town Hall Children's Program: "Cave Kids" ..... lantern with a helmet, coat and. Our tour guide Fred goes with you into the underground passages, shows you some hiding places and will then tell you a secret history, which many, many years ago in the caves is all done. It is certainly great adventure. This exciting tour is just for kids! Group size: min 5, max. 19 children and you should be 6 to 12 years. Meeting behind the Forestry Museum (entrance underground passages) Registration required in the tourist information, city square 27 (Town Hall), tel 09922/840523
09:45 bis 16:10
Railway Station Zwiesel Guided hike: "In the Footsteps of the capercaillie. Meeting at the station Zwiesel. Arrival and departure by Falkensteinbus. Total time 6 hours, including walking time 4 hours. The rare and shy love capercaillie quiet, natural forests. Their districts, they have therefore mainly on the mine, the former pastures. We walk by Buchenau from 2 hours up to the pits Lindberg there and enjoy a snack, the unique nature. From our forest guide, you learn about the black grouse. With a little luck can perhaps discover traces of these animals. This tour is not suitable for inexperienced hikers, as the climb requires some stamina. Please bring drinks and snacks and sturdy shoes. Opportunity for a retreat is at the end of the tour in Buchenau. Length 9 km, 400 meters. climb Please register clock later than 18:00 the day before by phone 09922/502353
10:00 bis 11:30
Town Hall Zwiesel historical experience - past and present! This city tour under the motto "Zwiesel then and now" - keep our citizens historically dressed women by the city. Let history tell the crotch in a very amusing and interesting way and shows: City Hall, City Square 27th The tour is free
10:00 bis 11:30
Town Hall Children's Program: "City, Country, River ...." Today "ge-zwieselt. In fact there are Zwiesel many interesting, funny, adventurous, and much, much more to discover. This tour through the city is only for children. Our guide Magdalena's got the better achieving this are a few ideas. Finally, there is a small souvenir. For children over 8 years. Registration required in the tourist information, city square 27 (City Hall), Tel 09922/8405-23
09:55 bis 17:55
Bayer. Eisenstein Station Ride on the Bohemian-Courier (train) to Klatovy (CS). Guide from Bayer. Eisenstein. Price per person. 20, - € including lunch, entrance fees and guided tour. Children under 6 years accompanied by parents. Children under 12 years € 6.50 incl lunch (children's portion). Special tickets are available only in the tourist information office in City Hall. Register at least 1 day in advance to 15.00 clock.
10:00 clock
The end of the event is open.
Steam brewery Zwiesel Brewery tour in the steam beer brewery Zwiesel, Regener Straße - followed by a snack and a glass of beer in the pepper-Bräustüberl. Fee € 8.50. Registration by phone 09922/6686
20:00 clock
The end of the event is open
Bandstand Summer Concert in the Music Pavilion at the school, Böhmer Gasse 7, it plays the marching band Frauenau. Admission free.
09:45 bis 17:00
Zwiesel Railway Station Tour of the Forest Farmers: Guided full-day hike. Meeting at 9:45 at the station clock Zwiesel, after a short train ride to the forest path, we start our tour. We arrive at the Chapel 14 helpers, and the conservation of the Sanctuary Osterbrünnl Teisnachleiten by an old "Bauernsacherl. There we presented to the farmer his old equipment. Strengthened after a hearty farmer's snack continues to Triefenried, and finally with the forest path back to Zwiesel. Return about 17:00 clock. Registration required at each National Park, tel 09922/502353


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